Mr Nilesh Shah

I have known Sunil (popularly known as MisterBond) for more than 2 decades now. I have witnessed him grow from an Investment Advisor, to a mentor and now an entrepreneur running a successful fintech venture in the B2B space – educating and empowering Mutual Fund Distributors. He has amassed a wealth of experience over the tenure of his career spanning almost three and half decades and is now eager to share his stories with his readers. 

I have known Sunil to be an advocate of applying logic and out-of-the box thinking to the numerous problems faced by investors and Mutual Fund Industry at large. I have personally seen him sharing his unbiased and positive views at the time of market volatility, keeping interests of the Investors at heart and guided the participants in the right and logical direction. 

Be it suggesting rolling returns as the go to measure of a fund’s performance or speaking about downside protection and being in the right asset class at right valuations – his many THINK HATKE ideas which is part of some of the chapters in this book have helped distributors and investors navigate market volatility. 

 I have found Sunil’s thought process unique to manage emotions and generate better investment experience by taking logical and rational decisions. 

Even his Chapter on Unlearn to Relearn is a very thought-provoking Chapter – where all participants of the Mutual Fund Industry should introspect and embrace many of those Relearns – once again for the best interests of the Investors first and for our Mutual Fund Industry at large. 

His Smart Investment solutions are created by applying a lot of common sense and logic to ensure smoother investment journey, better investment experience and convert investors from being short term to long term. These solutions again work around the Investors emotions of GREED and FEAR and help them move away from their current syndrome of Buy High – Sell Low to Buy Low – Sell High. These solutions, I believe can bring Investor returns closer to Investment returns.

Even his new Ranking Methodology gives importance to consistency in performance in a more transparent manner to ensure that Investors and their MFDs understand why and how the schemes are ranked and how and when these ranks may change in future so that they are not caught unawares. 

Through this book, Sunil has attempted to take his readers on an enriching journey by sharing his experiences and his learnings over past 36 years of him being in the Finance and Investment industry. 

This book is a must read for any person who has even the slightest relation to the investing world whether they be a novice or otherwise. So please, go ahead, pick up the book and treat yourself with an insight into the vast wisdom of Sunil Jhaveri (aka MisterBond).

I wish Sunil all the best for a grand success of his 3rd book – THINK HATKE.