Mr Navin Agarwal

“The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo” said Bob Iger, the legendary CEO of Walt Disney company.

Sunil has lived by this quote and set an example for his fellow industry colleagues. Being a thought leader, he has been instrumental in shaping the thought process of the Mutual Fund Distributors community and investors alike.  ‘MisterBond’ is now synonymous with ‘smart investment advice’, constantly helping investors to take informed financial decisions. He has been playing multiple roles as an Influencer, an Advisor to Advisors, a Consultant to many Mutual Fund Houses, an Author, a Coach and a Mentor.

Challenging the status quo is actually challenging the way things are being done. All along market cycles – through periods of euphoria and corrections – Sunil has voiced his conviction and guided investors through his writings. He has carved out a different space for himself and is a recognized brand in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry.

MisterBond’s smart investment solutions have become a go to guide for many advisors. I have witnessed his uncanny ability to break down difficult topics into simple, palatable nuggets. Be it a crisis or new regulation or a new product idea, Sunil has been on the forefront – sharing his bold and original thoughts. He has partnered with many AMC’s, including ours, and acted as a reliable sounding board for our endeavours in the dynamic/asset allocation category of funds.

Sunil has also questioned traditional wisdom by recommending infusion of flavours of equity in portfolios of senior citizens, with some credible back tested data.

Through this book, he is encouraging every investor to “Think Hatke”.

In his book Sunil explains the benefits of investing in different asset classes based on the recommendations of a time tested, scientific model which acts as a guide for asset allocation. He has written about the significance of how different levels of correlation among different asset classes can provide the portfolio with an effective hedge.

Think-Hatke would enrich investors and industry participants alike as the book presents insights gained through an experience of more than three decades.

Take the first step – pick up “Think-Hatke” and benefit from his insights. I encourage readers to read and implement these suggestions in their own financial plans.