Mr Aniruddha Chaudhuri

Writing a Foreword to MisterBond’s book Think Hatke to me is a matter of great pleasure. Not only is he a powerhouse of domain knowledge, but also his wit and charm capture the attention of everyone around him. Always courageous to speak his mind, even when it may be against the street accepted prevalent wisdom; Sunil has never shied away from sharing his views, be it through his writings or speaking opportunities at various forums.

True to form, his third outing as an author is an extension to his personality, where he shares some smart investing solutions, while keeping the practise of asset allocation at the core of one’s investing journey. One of the striking features of the book is its construct. The flow of information will not intimidate a reader, even if the reader is a novice thanks to the engaging manner of presentation and language interplay. The richness of the content ensures that the book is a worthy read for investors, advisors, and distributors.

The book starts with a walk down the memory lane on how Sunil entered the world of financial markets and narrates some interesting experiences he had along this journey. Post this; the book takes a serious turn as Sunil unravels the importance of unlearning and relearning. He brings to the table 16 such aspects, gathered along his 26-year experience in the mutual fund industry, where there is a need to unlearn and relearn. Each of these points is supported with data to bring clarity to the reader. With this, he sets the stage for MisterBond’s Smart Solutions where he shares the importance of protecting investor portfolio from major drawdowns. With a couple of dedicated chapters, he walks the reader through the Smart Solution he has designed. As he succinctly presents, the motto is to have a better investor experience rather than chasing returns, in the hope of generating maximum returns with a terrible investor experience. We at ICICI Prudential wish Sunil a great success in the book’s release.”