Mr Saugata Chatterjee

Congratulations Sunil on authoring your 3rd book around financial products and Mutual Funds – an Industry which has helped investors create wealth over two decades and it still remains as one of the most efficiently run and extremely well-regulated investment vehicles in our country. 

I have known Sunil for more than a decade and I will not shy away from stating that he has earned the name MisterBond in our Industry. I have personally attended many sessions conducted by Sunil for Asset Management Company employees as well as Mutual Fund Distributors across the country. His knowledge and ability to articulate and simplify complex Fixed Income jargons are commendable along with correlating the same with personal experiences- surely builds confidence amongst his followers and students. 

Think Hatke is a super compilation of all the practical experiences Sunil has had during his 36 years journey in the MF industry along with providing the important nuances about Asset Allocation, timing the market, the exit decisions and also challenging the old thoughts across SIPs and Lumpsum investing. The traffic light mode which Sunil has passionately built around valuation for Equity investing and asset rebalancing is exemplary, and the illustrations clearly demonstrate the strength and conviction of the model. I have also had the personal experience of Sunil appreciating our new ideas which we had launched few years back around long-term investing for 25 years. He was one of the initial specialists to have picked up the product concept and passionately communicate the strength of the proposition and we have had many such experiences in the past. 

I am sure all the readers will relate with the chapters and add value to their practice going forward. I wish MisterBond best wishes and hope that he continues with this excellent journey of knowledge building.