Mr. Kalpen Parekh

It gives me great pleasure to write Foreword to Sunil aka MisterBond’s book ‘Think Hatke’.  In the 1970’s ‘Think out of the box’ originated with the study on creative by J.P Guilford.  He gave a nine-dot puzzle and asked his research subjects to join them by four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the paper.  Most of the attempts failed.  The reason was the lines were limited to the imaginary box containing the nine dots. The solution was to extend the lines beyond the box and then one could easily connect the dots. This led to a line of thinking both academic and its application thereof in business to improve creative solutions while approaching problems.

Sunil thought ‘Hatke’ while establishing his line of business. He continues to be in the area but not the arena of financial services and intermediation. He chose a path less travelled. In this journey he became an invaluable partner to both asset managers and intermediaries.  In an era where introducing the concepts with simplicity is the way forward, Sunil plays an important role. His ability to explain a complex idea in a very simplistic manner is commendable.

‘Think Hatke’ combines Sunil’s experiences from his initial days of his career. Initial chapters deal about his entry into the financial markets and his association with some of the legends of Indian capital markets.    Details in chapter 3, Mantras to ‘Think Hatke’ – also experiences of his which are exciting for any practitioner of financial services. Most important aspect of today’s world is to reimagine and unlearn. Chapter 4 is dedicated in detail to this concept.  MisterBond is often consulted by AMCs and advisors for his smart solutions. Three chapters are dedicated to this concept and the way he arrived at these solutions. The last two chapters are about why is Sunil ‘Mr Hatke’.  What prompts him to think out of the box?

It is said ‘once you learn to read, you will be forever free’.  Achieving financial freedom is a critical aspect of investing decision. ‘Think Hatke’ talks about reaching these goals via smart and simple solutions.

I wish Sunil a great success in the release of the book and wishing him that he breaks his previous records.